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Spread Music Now #GivingTuesday

SpreadMusicNow has a history of success when it came to raising funds for the organization, however, where they came up short was turing their social media audiences into supporters and donors. 

We immediately recognized a huge opportunity to turn their content around and used it to raise engagement amongst the audience. This, in turn, allowed us to reach new audiences for as low as .02c and create ad relevancy scores of 9 and 10.

Creative Strategy

Content Creation



Social Media Advertising


By introducing statistics data in the form of social media graphicswe were able to show the power of music education and get usersto share, like, and comment on our ads for costs as low as .02c.

Statistics were a powerful way to tell our narrative and visually display the benefits of music education.


 15-Second Videos

By introducing 15-second video content we were able to maximize our audience reach for a very low cost and create a retargeting audience of users who watch more than 75% of our videos. 

Retargeting users who watch more than 75% of the video content allows us to categorize them as an audience with a deeper interest in our content.

These audiences are typically close to making a conversion, such as a donation. 

 Parent Content

By deploying content featuring the parents of the students, we were able to express the message of how music education has a powerful impact on the lives of students and their families. 

This in turn resonates with parents and students in our social media audiences and increases interest in the SpreadMusicNow brand and campaigns. 


Retargeting users who had an interest in SpreadMusicNow’s top- of-the-funnel content proved to be rewarding. We were able to continue to showcase the brand to them and inform them of the initiatives that were taking place to raise funds for music education


Community Engagement

Following up with comments and further informing users who had an interest in our content about our current fundraising goals was an incredible way to reach supporters on an individual level.


Campaign Metrics








Video Views


Per Video View


Per Engagement

Engagement and video views are the best way to test a cold audience.

It’s important to reach new users for the lowest cost possible. New users need time to interact with your content, learn about your services or products, and feel confident that you are a trusted brand. By reaching them for a low cost, you can then refine your audiences and target the users who have shown the most interest in your company.

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