How We reached 1 million People in 4 hours

How do you take an in-person event and serve it to an online audience? This was the problem that The World Values Network faced. They wanted to maximize their online exposure but were unsure how to do it best. 

Our team devised a plan that included allowing online audiences the ability to live stream into the event and get an exclusive look at the star-studded red carpet that included celebrities, politicians, and media professionals. 



Social Media Strategy

Social Media Advertising

Live Streaming


Content Creation

Social Media

We used audience targeting to serve our media and ads to the right audiences, which included students, young professionals, and affluent members of the community. 

Speaker Content

Bringing awareness to key speakers and hosts allowed us to attract online users relevant to the event and raise awareness of guests such as Dr. Oz, The President of Rwanda, and Michael Steinhardt. 

Live Streaming

By bringing awareness to our live stream of the red carpet and ceremony, we were able to attract viewers from around the world to The World Values Network brand and maximize online exposure.

Red Carpet

One of the really attractive opportunities live streamers could partake in was tuning in to watch guests arrive on the Red Carpet. As they arrived, our talent would interview them and it was incredible to see the audience engagement as guests such as Dr. Oz, Miriam Adelson, and Elisha Wiesel arrived. 


Keep the Stream Going

Our understanding to keep the live stream going for the duration of the event lead to massive viewership numbers that totaled slightly over 1 million. The longer a stream is active the more opportunity you have to acquire viewers. 


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