How We Made Sparkling Shine

Combining Twitter trends and conversations with web data allowed us to better understand consumer relationships with sparkling water and what type of experiences they were seeking.

The Challenge of Choice

When our friends at The XP Agency came to us, they had a simple goal: How can we learn more about sparkling water consumers? The XP Agency is an experiential marketing agency based in New York that deals with some very large clients (think conglomerate) and one of them who was competing for market share with La Croix and Bubly was looking to create an experience for their sparkling water brand.

That’s where we came in. With our Data+ service, we were able to scour the web and extract valuable consumer data from social media conversations, Reddit threads, Youtube comments, Google data, and more..

Our Process

Twitter & Web Historical Data

Our first step was to extract and analyze tens of thousands of tweets and conversations that had taken place on Twitter around the topic of sparkling water. This process also involved data cleansing and visualization, a process that allows us to format raw data so we can understand it.

We were able to identify the top associations that were consistently found with sparkling water. Next we used data wrangling, web scraping and Google searches to identify additional trends, events, topics, and search terms associated with people who have an interest in sparkling water. 

Our final step was to validate our findings by running polls to real live audiences, which allowed us to confirm their interest and build additional supporting data.


The Details in the Data

We then use this data to build better content, experiences, and creative. Through our Data+ service, we uncovered some powerful data. Here are just a few highlights:

– For the last 5 years in a row, interest in sparkling water peaks during the week of Christmas into New Year’s Day.

– The most closely related interests and events associated with sparkling water are food festivals, espresso, wine festivals, sparkling cocktails, and nutrition.

– The most popular trend amongst sparkling water consumers in 2019 was the Keto Diet.

And the list goes on.

Validating Our Findings

Audience feedback helps us confirm our data.

The next phase we deployed was validating this historical data. To do that we launched some social media polls.

Now we can see clearly from a live audience that the holidays are pulling ahead followed by food festivals. This is now validating our findings.

How We Use This Data

It means that creating holiday content, videos, and experiences, combined with the excitement of a food festival concept would be a powerful way to capture the attention of consumers who are interested in sparkling water.