Fresca Goes Retro Chic

Fresca’s new launch team wanted to focus on users who had an interest in retro chic. Through XPA, our experiential agency partner, we were tasked with figuring out what type of experiences, content, and creative would be best for this consumer based on our data science services.

This is why the data is so important, as it can tell us what other topics and interests are closely associated with retro chic in social media conversations, news articles, and web searches. And it does it at scale based on tens of thousands of verified data points.

We extracted, cleaned, and analyzed data from Twitter, top media publishers, Google and Bing to see what the most popular trends, conversations, and topics were amongst users with an interest in retro chic .

What is Retro Chic?

Based on the data we have extracted from Twitter, top media publishers, Google and Bing, we can see that retro-chic, for the most part, describes styles of fashion and design. This is based on the top trends, conversations, and topics that stand out amongst consumers.

It’s how people dress and design elements in their lives and environments, but also how happenings like weddings, parties, and events look and feel. Consumers are rejuvenating classic styles for modern times.

Our data also looks at the top trends, topics, and conversations that are most closely related to retro chicIt’s important to note that all of our findings are backed by actual data from social media conversations, media articles, and web behavior, such as terms people search for and the websites they visit.

Data Points Analyzed


Media Articles

Our Sources

Search Queries

Classic & Nostalgic

Consumers who have an interest in retro chic also have a great interest in classic and nostalgic products, accessories, trends, styles, fashion, and design. We are seeing that these audiences specifically have interests in classic and vintage vehicles, mid-century modern design, classic glamour, pin-up, rockabilly, art deco, vintage floral design, kitsch, futurism, vintage lighting, classic celebrities, surrealism art, steampunk and classic color palettes that are often softer. These audiences also seem to have an affinity for classic cocktails, such as an Old Fashioned, Manhattan, and Martini.

We wanted to note that the 2020 Pantone color is Classic Blue, which could pair nicely with certain retro chic styles, such as gold (art deco).

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Handmade and Hard to Find

There seems to be a major trend across all our data sources that shows handmade, custom, and hard to find items are incredibly popular. These audiences enjoy going to thrift stores, boutique shops, second-hand stores. They also have an affinity for antiques and collectibles as well.

Seeking out specific retro chic styles, clothing, accessories, and decor is a must. It has to be real and true vintage and these audiences take pride in a good find. It’s safe to say that our data from both Twitter and our media publishers points to retro products and accessories as a popular commonality between these consumers.

Additionally, related terms and trends that support retro chic are vintage chic, vintage fashion, vintage style, retro style, and retro fashion. Consumers with an interest in retro chic also have interests in ETSY and eBay. These are the top websites to search and find handmade and vintage clothing, home decor, and accessories.


Shop Small & Support Local

Shopping small and supporting local boutique stores, artisans, and craft makers is a common theme amongst retro-chic consumers because these types of stores support their goal of seeking out and finding true vintage items. These purchase behaviors oppose larger chains and big box stores as retro-chic consumers continue to support the businesses in their neighborhood. Additionally, there’s also an element of discoverability in shopping local.

Slow Fashion & Eco-Friendly

A common trend we have identified in our data is that retro chic consumers are very concerned with eco-friendly fashion and design trends. This puts them in direct opposition with fast-fashion brands like H&M and Zara, as they support slow fashion brands like Reformation, Eileen Fisher, and Alternative Apparel. Sustainable fashion is more than just a trend, it is a lifestyle choice. This lifestyle choice further supports shopping at antique stores, vintage clothing stores, boutiques, and local neighborhood retailers.

Who Are They?

Based on our data findings, we can start to compile certain personas and areas of interest that define the ideal retro chic consumer. They are fashion bloggers, artists, artisans, makers, crafters, refined, cultured, slightly elevated, nostalgia seekers, creatives, collectors, leaders, sewcialists, and designers. 

Retro chic consumers are definitely trendsetters and leaders of the pack. They know what they like and are passionate about it. Look for them to also be evangelists who share their passion with friends and colleagues.

Events & Experiences

One area that has over-indexed throughout our data sources is Portland, OR. It seems to be a hip place that lends itself nicely to the retro chic community. We have also seen trends forming in Hollywood, Las Vegas, Ashville, and Miami.

We’ve also identified the following events and location types: antique stores, flea markets, thrift stores, second-hand stores, vintage markets, artisan markets, record stores, boutique shops, retro hotels, retro restaurants, retro bars, Bourbon pop-ups, vintage trailer resorts, boutique hotels, vintage festivals, TWA Hotel, Aliz Hotel, Hoxton LA, and retro eateries.

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