Activate, reach, and engage your
physical audiences on digital platforms.

Capture, engage and convert.

One of the greatest challenges that experiential marketing, event production, and conference teams face, is capitalizing on their physical audiences in a digital environment.

Bringing people together on a large scale is no easy task and having the infrastructure in place to be able to reach them days, weeks, and months after your initial touchpoint is incredibly valuable.

That’s exactly why we created Footprint, a suite of products and services that help you capture physical users on digital platforms and continue to reach and engage them.


With our geofence process, we can create a targeted area around your location, event, or experience and access users who enter this area on social media and digital platforms.

We can then engage these users with messages, coupons, digital ads, content, and more to push users towards further product interactions and conversions.

SMS & Email Capture

We work with your team to build SMS & email functionality that allows you to capture the data of your physical audiences.

This captured user data is incredibly powerful because it will allow you to continue to engage these users via email and through custom audiences on social media and digital platforms.

Custom Event Apps

We create custom mobile apps that are built into your event or experience and are used to engage users and collect valuable digital data.

These apps can be updated and rebranded for each event or experience you launch, making them incredibly cost-effective.

These custom mobile apps give you access to audience location data, contact information, and retargeting opportunities on social media and digital platforms.

Beacons, RFID & Wifi Connect

We implement beacon, RFID, and Wifi connect technology that allows you to access physical users within a certain distance of our devices.

We can then use these connections to establish event and experience metrics, audience data, and more.

Branded Landing Pages

Branded landing pages allow you to have full visibility into the audiences you are converting from physical locations to digital platforms.

These pages also allow you to collect valuable metrics you can share with brands that validate the power of experiences and events.

Through these branded landing pages audiences can interact with a brand’s products or services and access the brand’s website directly.