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Flewber Content & Social Media Advertising

With Flewber, a private flight company, we were tasked with developing a creative strategy that would position the brand in a unique light within a crowded market. With a bevy of private flight brands pushing luxury experiences at every turn, we focused on targeting the every day consumer and business person.

We opted creatively to showcase a hipper and trendier side to air travel that celebrated color, creativity, bold fonts, and loud messages that would grab the attention of younger demographics. It is our belief that younger demographics help usher in new brands to the masses. Capturing this audience was crucial for success.


Creative Strategy




Social Media Advertising

Our team produced and deployed video creative for Flewber on social media that allowed us to reduce ad costs and reach larger audiences on Facebook and Instagram.

Over a 90-day period we were able to use Facebook and Instagram to target relevant audiences and create conversions as well as build very affordable ad costs for Flewber.

By matching effective ad creative with relevant targeted audiences, we were able to achieve relevancy scores as high as a 10 and diversify our ad placements with Instagram Feed, Facebook Feed, In-Stream Videos, and Instagram Stories.


Campaign Metrics

Cost Per Click

Site Visits

Cost Per Conversion

Highest Relevancy Score

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