Sorry, we ruined PR.

We’re use content, creativity, and technology to grow your brand and reach new audiences.


Brands are spending tons of money on PR and Marketing that isn’t moving the needle.

We’re not about that life.
What we do works.

We create content for your brand and use today’s most popular platforms to get your brand in front of the right audiences.


What we do in a nutshell:

Video Production
Audio Production
Social Media
Brand Partnerships
Digital Marketing

Recent Work

Oscar Week & City Gala

We had the honor to create video and social media content during Oscar Week 2019 at City Gala and events throughout Hollywood and Burbank. The events featured celebs such as Wesley Snipes, Colin Farrell, Randy Jackson, Bella Thorne and Mario Lopez.

Taking Flight with Flewber

Our work with private jet brand Flewber, which includes creative, content, video, media, and experiential events, has helped them gain recognition as they grow an active user base and reach members of the media. We’ve helped them amass users, retain features on media and podcasts, and craft and develop their brand and marketing messages.

SLKRS: Sleakers

We helped NBA Star Ty Lawson and Hazan Sports launch a video ad on social media for his new fashion brand that combines the look of sneakers with the comfort of slippers.

Visibility backed by analytics.

In order to grow you have to be known, and in order to be known you have to be seen. We use today’s platforms and technology combined with creativity to help you reach new audiences.


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